Nutrition: In a Nutshell (Nursing)

by Samantha Rhea

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    00:01 A few key points here in regards to nutrition.

    00:04 Good nutrition provides the absolute foundation, for supporting a healthy body.

    00:10 Now, some of your facilities may have a dietitian for example.

    00:13 That may provide nutritional screenings and they're so valuable in identifying any sort of nutritional imbalances or any sort of issues that could affect your patient's health or well-being.

    00:25 And don't forget, sometimes, we may need to supplement nutrition, which can be orally. Sometimes we need to add specialized supplements or if they can't take the PO or oral route, then we may need to use two feedings parenterally via fluids or total parental nutrition.

    00:44 I hope that was helpful for you today in regards to nutrition, thanks for watching.

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