Nursing School Is Busy (LPN)

by Samantha Rhea, MSN, RN

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    00:01 This lesson is talking about how to manage your day-to-day life while in a nursing school.

    00:07 We will discuss making a plan, learning to say no. We'll talk sleep and really just how to balance it all.

    00:14 I'd like to take a few minutes talking to you about a few things to help make you successful.

    00:20 So, first of all, get your brain in the game.

    00:24 You need to ignore that really loud internet voice that says, nursing school is the worst and the hardest thing ever, stop thinking that way.

    00:33 One of the worse things that you can say to yourself is, I can't do this.

    00:38 So, first of all, just explore that feeling a bit at first.

    00:42 Does it have to do with past experiences? Does it have to do with difficulty with just being successful in school? And if it's been a while that you've been in school, this could be problematic as well, and concern. I get that.

    00:55 But, the power of positive thinking is key, and be self-aware.

    00:59 So, if you're one that procrastinates, I mean, I admit that I do as well.

    01:04 If you struggle with comprehension, look into resources now that can possibly help you with that.

    01:11 And understand if this is truly your goal.

    01:15 You are not alone in being a perfect student.

    01:18 I know every nursing student thinks they have to get a 4.0 or all As in nursing school, this is simply not true.

    01:26 And your faculty is there to help guide you and understand that LPN school has a lot of adult students that have families and jobs and other things to deal with.

    01:37 And it is normal to deal with stress and conflict while you're in nursing school.

    01:43 Biggest thing is communication.

    01:45 Communicate with your faculty and look for resources now to deal with this.

    01:51 Now, I don't wanna lie to you.

    01:53 Nursing school is busy, but the content isn't necessarily hard.

    01:58 So being busy is way easier to handle than hard.

    02:02 So why is it so busy? Well, you've got school class times, you've got clinical times that's usually anywhere from 8 or 12 hours, you've got lab time, simulations, and then you've got assignments for almost every single part of that clinical, lab or simulation.

    02:19 And this is all while you're trying to study for big exams.

    02:23 So that sounds pretty busy, right? Well, we typically don't give you assignments that are just, oh, short easy memorization or open-book or all open note or just very simple assignments.

    02:36 Almost everything we give you at nursing school is assigned to help you take that material and then apply it to a patient's condition.

    02:45 And not only apply it but know what signs and symptoms to look for.

    02:49 Hey, is this a normal patient condition or is it not? So some of the lucky ones may catch on to all of this information and be able to apply it fairly quick. Most of us though, not so much.

    03:03 So spending time in the content takes time, a lot of time.

    03:09 And I'm only telling you all of these before you start an LPN program, so you can make arrangements ahead of time.

    03:16 This will hopefully help you handle some of the stress level while you're in the nursing program.

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    1. Course content is designed to help students adapt to the daily nursing routine.
    2. A 4.0-grade point average is required to graduate.
    3. Classes, labs, clinicals, and simulations are usually only 2–3 days a week.
    4. The content is widely considered to be the hardest among college-level courses.

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    Samantha Rhea, MSN, RN

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