Nursing Healthcare Systems: Types of Nursing

by Samantha Rhea, MSN, RN

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    00:01 Welcome to the different levels of healthcare and nursing specialties.

    00:06 So let's take a look at different types of nursing and all the various settings that you may want to practice in.

    00:12 The first one to discuss is acute care.

    00:15 This is very popular because it includes settings such as the ER, for example, the ICU, or even medical surgical settings.

    00:24 Just know when we're talking about nursing in this setting, it's usually taking care of patients for a short term stay.

    00:31 Now, if you take a look in the middle here, also there are rehabilitation or restorative type settings that we can practice in.

    00:38 So this is just that, that we are focusing on the patient, sometimes after acute care to focus on those rehabilitative therapies that are important to maintain their mobility, or to strengthen so they can perform their activities of daily living.

    00:54 So a lot of the times this type of nursing is going to focus on really the physical therapy aspect, occupational and speech therapy.

    01:03 But nursing works alongside of these different disciplines to support the patient.

    01:09 Now, next, you see here skilled nursing facility.

    01:12 So this is a really important type of nursing because many times after the patients in the acute care setting, they need a little bit longer of those acute care interventions before the patient goes home.

    01:26 Sometimes they just need a little bit more time with their disease process before they can transfer safely in discharge.

    01:33 So this is care provided by professionals.

    01:37 Now it's really important to know that skilled nursing is important here.

    01:41 So we can do advanced level care, and also include those different therapies to treat conditions.

    01:47 And again, this can also include physical therapy, occupational and speech.

    01:53 So just know many times from acute care, you can go from rehabilitative or restorative care before home, or acute care to skilled nursing facilities and then the home.

    02:04 And don't forget home care once you get there.

    02:07 Sometimes this includes things as just simply giving antibiotics that as a nurse, you go and implement these for your patients.

    02:15 Maybe we're watching certain types of lines or different type of wounds, and we're maintaining these in the patient's home setting.

    02:23 Now next, as a nurse, you can make a large impact as a community nurse.

    02:30 We're really looking at larger populations here, and this may be like a health department type setting.

    02:36 And don't forget if you decide to advance your degree, there's advanced practice that can include all kinds of different settings as an advanced practice nurse.

    02:46 This can include anywhere in the acute care, skilled nursing, Urgent Care, doctor's office, and the scope of practice is larger here for these nurses.

    02:56 And don't forget the very important type of nursing as case management.

    03:00 Many times these nurses are pivotal to help the patient get what they need, different equipment, supplies, different therapies, or even just transferred to the right type of care after the acute care setting.

    03:15 And also remember for nursing, we have different specialties that are emerging nowadays such as informatics and also legal consulting.

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