NSAIDs Induced Peptic Ulcer Disease

by Carlo Raj, MD

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    NSAID Associated Peptic Ulcer Disease Your patient taking, let’s say, NSAIDs for osteoarthritis or in general, just inflammation of the joints; have been taking this over decades. And with the NSAIDs as we mentioned earlier, if the prostaglandins are then lost within the stomach, the lining of the stomach in fact now becomes vulnerable to the acid abuse and so therefore may bring about erosion of the lining resulting in peptic ulcer disease of the stomach. The first case that you’re going to find with peptic ulcer disease of the stomach but long term use, you consider this to be acute. And it’s not like you take one Aspirin or you take one Ibuprofen and then all of a sudden the patient develops peptic ulcer disease. That makes no sense. You have to be taking these drugs over a long period of time. Also keep in mind, though, if NSAIDs are being taken over long period of time that in the kidney, with prostaglandins responsible for keeping the afferent arteriole open; if NSAIDs are taken, you take out the prostaglandin, you’re at risk of vasoconstricting the afferent and over a long period of time, you as well, you’re worried about chronic kidney injury. Is that clear? Two major organ systems that are extremely vulnerable to attack with NSAID use. And really because of the easy accessibility of these drugs by the patient over the counter, you have to properly educate your patient because they’re going to be popping pills all of the time whenever they feel pain. And I’m talking popping pills excessively for long periods of time and they may or may not even tell you. Right? Increased risk of bleeding with low dose and high dose Aspirin. Further increased risk of dose dependencies which you’re worried about. Exactly...

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