Nonhospital-based Jobs During Nursing School (RN)

by Elizabeth Russ, FNP

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    00:01 So let's look at some non-hospital based jobs that offer a good amount of flexibility for while you're in nursing school.

    00:07 This is in no way a comprehensive list, but these are just jobs I've seen people with over the years, and they've had a lot of success with them.

    00:14 Obviously, my favorite choice was being a waitress or a bartender because that is what I did. So it's the best choice.

    00:20 I'm biased. I found it gave me a ton of flexibility.

    00:24 The hours were in the evening or weekends so I could work at around school and then the pay was honestly really great.

    00:30 I learned a ton of people skills, how to communicate, how to prioritize tasks and deal with people who were very upset that this pasta was orange and not yellow like the picture showed.

    00:41 Rude. Similar to nursing, your patrons kind of got a little survey at the end of their visit, and they were asked about their service.

    00:50 And in restaurants it's about the service and instead of meds, but they're very similar. I was handing out beer instead of meds.

    00:57 Admittedly not the same, but overall a very similar experience and a decent choice. Another huge winner was as a nanny or a babysitter.

    01:06 As a nursing student, you can absolutely flex your "I'm a nursing student" status on your profile.

    01:14 And not only can you charge more because you know CPR and all the other things, but you'll also be sought out as a trusted person because people generally trust nurses and nursing students. My friends who babysat and nanny during nursing school, they made bank. And once you build up a little clientele, you can literally just release the days, evenings and weekends that you are willing to work and people can sign up.

    01:36 It's totally flexible.

    01:37 It can work around any schedule, and you can do a ton of, like, date nights babysitting in between.

    01:44 You can have a steady job.

    01:45 People also literally got paid to study, like, once the kids went to bed.

    01:49 It was honestly, like, I probably should have picked this path instead, but this is a great option. Definitely look into this one as well.

    01:56 Next we have on campus jobs.

    02:00 These are things like working in the library.

    02:03 I don't... I have no other examples.

    02:06 My only friend I knew that worked for school, worked in the library.

    02:08 But there's lots of on campus jobs.

    02:09 The jobs are usually quite low stress.

    02:12 The pay is not superb, but your employer is literally the school.

    02:15 So they know that they need to be flexible around your schedule.

    02:18 And most of the time you can also just do homework while you sit there, and it's totally fine. And as the last job idea, you can always teach something and make your own schedule. I had a few friends who taught, like, swimming lessons, piano lessons, coached soccer, tutored or something like that.

    02:31 And it was awesome because they literally could make their own hours and people came to them. Really, really flexible and you could be as busy or as chill as you wanted, depending on your semester or the week that you were in.

    02:42 So those are just a handful of jobs that are not super healthcare based for when you are in nursing school and if you have other flexible job ideas, please, by all means, do leave them down below and I will see you in the next chapter where we talk about jobs again. But this time it is your first nursing job.

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