Neural Circuits (Nursing)

by Jasmine Clark, PhD

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    00:00 So now let's switch gears and talk about neural circuits.

    00:04 A neural circuit is a functional group of neurons that process specific types of information.

    00:11 There are four different types of neural circuits.

    00:15 We have diverging circuits, converging circuits, reverberating circuits, and parallel after-discharge circuits.

    00:27 In a divergent neural circuit, we have one incoming fiber that is going to trigger multiple outgoing fibers.

    00:38 Conversely, in a convergent neural circuit, the opposite happens where you have multiple incoming and one outgoing.

    00:49 In a reverberating neural circuit, each neuron on the pathway will actually link back to the previous neuron.

    01:00 This happens in processes that are rhythmic such as breathing or your sleep-wake cycle.

    01:07 Finally, we have parallel after-discharge circuits.

    01:13 In this process, a divergent and convergent neural circuits are going to result in a burst of impulses.

    01:22 This burst is referred to as after-discharge.

    01:27 This is usually going to take place in complex mental processing such as trying to figure out a difficult math problem or trying to learn all of human anatomy and physiology.

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    The lecture Neural Circuits (Nursing) by Jasmine Clark, PhD is from the course Nervous System – Physiology (Nursing).

    Included Quiz Questions

    1. Parallel after-discharge
    2. Converging
    3. Diverging
    4. Reverberating
    1. Emerging
    2. Diverging
    3. Converging
    4. Reverberating
    5. Parallel after discharge

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     Jasmine Clark, PhD

    Jasmine Clark, PhD

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