Networking as Interviewing (Nursing)

by Amber Vanderburg

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    00:01 Juanita had dreamed of working in NICU for years.

    00:05 She had applied for internships for NICU.

    00:08 She was assigned to other departments.

    00:11 She applied to volunteer in NICU.

    00:14 She was assigned to other departments.

    00:17 No matter what she tried, she could not find her opportunity to make it to the floor.

    00:24 Now, the time was coming for her to take her boards.

    00:28 And she was discouraged because she felt as if she had not made any progress in her dream of working in NICU.

    00:37 One day, she went up to the department and went to the manager to introduce herself.

    00:43 She said, "My name is Juanita.

    00:46 I would like to work in NICU one day.

    00:49 What can I do to prepare now to achieve my dream.

    00:54 The NICU manager confess that they did not have openings for the department often as it was a low turnover area.

    01:02 She then looked at Juanita and thanked her for her interest and told her about an upcoming recruitment fair for new grad nurses.

    01:11 Juanita went to the recruitment fair, and met with the manager again.

    01:16 This time with her resume and references.

    01:20 The manager thanked Juanita and said that they still did not have an opening, but she would keep her in mind if anything opened up.

    01:30 Juanita took her boards and searched the job boards for nursing positions in NICU. None.

    01:39 She took a job working the night shift in ICU.

    01:43 She kept in continuous conversation with the nursing manager.

    01:48 Six months went by and Juanita began to get discouraged.

    01:53 Until one day, she got a call from the NICU manager.

    01:58 There was an opening for night shift.

    02:01 There would be many people applying for this job.

    02:04 But the manager wanted her to know after a year of work.

    02:10 Juanita finally got her dream job.

    02:14 This was all because she invested in the relationships within her network.

    02:20 This story is a good example of what I want you to consider in your job preparation.

    02:27 I want you to consider your network.

    02:30 First, you should consider recruitment fairs and events.

    02:35 This is a great way for you to connect with the hiring manager.

    02:39 Come prepared with your resume and questions.

    02:42 Attending these fairs before you have taken your boards is an excellent way to start a relationship with the hiring managers.

    02:51 Another way to build your network is to volunteer.

    02:55 This is a great way to gain experience, insight and connections, all while giving back to the community.

    03:02 Volunteer work in the healthcare sector may not pay in money, but can pay off big time in building your network to help champion your success, moving forward.

    03:14 An internship or externship has all of the benefits of volunteering with more opportunities for hands on experience and some opportunity for monetary payment.

    03:26 Within your internship or externship, be intentional to build your network.

    03:31 Ask questions, and continue a conversation with the hiring manager.

    03:37 Another way that you can build your network is by being involved in the healthcare community.

    03:42 This might be the Nursing Student Association at your college or university.

    03:48 A specialty organization like the Heart Association, or a global organization like the World Health Organization.

    03:56 Discover one or two opportunities within the healthcare community and become involved proactively to build your network.

    04:04 Lastly, realize that you might have to be like Juanita, who waited a year in another unit before transferring to the place where she was passionate about.

    04:17 Networking does not guarantee your dream job, but it does open the door to opportunities in the future.

    04:25 Networking is a critical part of career development and advancement.

    04:30 And as healthcare providers, knowing other people that can help with continuous development is critical.

    04:38 So here's what I want you to do.

    04:41 Meet one person in the healthcare profession and say hello.

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    The lecture Networking as Interviewing (Nursing) by Amber Vanderburg is from the course Transition to Nursing Practice.

    Included Quiz Questions

    1. Recruitment fairs and events
    2. Social media
    3. Websites like Glassdoor and Indeed
    4. Volunteering
    1. Volunteering at their local health center.
    2. Applying to be a student representative for a state nursing organization.
    3. Attending recruitment fairs.
    4. Applying for an internship at their local hospital.
    5. Applying to every healthcare position available.

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