NCLEX-RN®: Terminology

by Rhonda Lawes, PhD, RN

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    00:01 Let's look at NCLEX terminology.

    00:03 Now, you've likely seen a lot of these terms throughout your nursing school, but let's just make sure you're clear on what each one of them means in NCLEX world.

    00:11 Now, the term client that can refer to an individual family group or any significant other or population.

    00:18 So it's not just one person in the hospital bed.

    00:22 Keep that in mind.

    00:23 And clients are the same as residents or patients.

    00:26 So you may say patients in the hospital, but in NCLEX world, that's what a client is now order. This one gets people a little nervous because nursing schools always do this differently. But in order can be an intervention, a remedy, a treatment or anything that a primary health care provider has asked for or ordered.

    00:47 Now, keep in mind, in NCLEX tip is when you see an order in the answer choices, you can go ahead and do that and assume that you have a physician's order.

    00:56 That's the part that gets tricky in nursing school because some faculty make that.

    01:00 That's a wrong answer.

    01:02 You needed a physician's order for that.

    01:04 But in NCLEX world, if you see what you consider to be an order, a medication or a lab test, you can assume that you have an order for that prescription.

    01:14 Now this is something we usually talk about where you go to your drugstore and you pick up a medication, But a prescription in NCLEX world can include orders, interventions, remedies, treatments, anything that health care provider has asked you to do.

    01:28 This 1HC, p and you may hear it called a primary.

    01:32 Hcp stands for health care provider.

    01:36 The nursing, of course, wants to emphasize that a nurse practitioner advanced practice RN is someone who is appropriate to write orders and be involved in the patient's care.

    01:47 So when you see HCP, the thing to remember is that is a professional that has the authority and the licensure to write orders and prescriptions for patients.

    01:57 Now that might be a physician.

    01:58 It could be a surgeon, a nephrologist, but it's also a nurse practitioner.

    02:04 So keep that in mind.

    02:05 When you see HCP, the only thing that matters is that you know that that person, if they're an HCP, can write prescriptions and orders for patients.

    02:15 Now a you UAP.

    02:16 I probably call them all different kinds of names wherever you are taking this test.

    02:20 But unlicensed assistive personnel is anyone who's assisting you.

    02:25 They are unlicensed, so they're in a supportive role.

    02:28 So whether they call them a CNA, an aide, a tech, an NCLEX world, they're an unlicensed assistive personnel.

    02:36 Now they can take orders at RN can delegate to a UAP, but a UAP cannot delegate to any other health care professional age.

    02:46 Okay. I know you know what age is, but I want you to know if the age or age category isn't listed in the stem of the question, it's okay for you to assume that the client is an adult.

    02:57 If they're a pediatric patient, they will give you the age.

    03:01 So if nothing tells you specifically they're a pediatric patient, you can consider them to be an adult client.

    03:08 Now, settings, hey, this matters because we make decisions differently depending on what setting you're in, outpatient versus inpatient, but you have NCLEX items that are developed based on a variety of practice settings like acute or critical care, long term care, rehab, skilled care, outpatient community based home care settings being at the mall, health screenings all over the place.

    03:32 So make sure you're careful to remember what type of setting am I in and what is the appropriate kind of care that would be delivered at this level.

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