NCLEX Next Gen (RN)

by Elizabeth Russ, FNP

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    00:01 Are you tired of that same old boring NCLEX that have been circulating for years? Do you want something new and fresh? Well, even if you don't want it, starting in April 2023, the NCLEX Next Gen is coming for a testing center near you.

    00:16 Also abbreviated Next Gen, NGN, the NCLEX Next Gen is the NCSBN's newest addition to the NCLEX lineup and will be the only option to take as a licensure exam for registered nurses once it rolls out.

    00:29 The primary focus of the new NCLEX is to make the exam better at assessing clinical judgment while also promoting patient safety.

    00:38 The exam features new question styles in order to facilitate these goals, and will introduce the concept of partial credit - Woot!- for some of these questions.

    00:48 Let's take a quick look at the new questions that are coming down the pipeline for Next Gen NCLEX.

    00:55 First, we have Extended Multiple Response.

    00:58 These questions allow candidates to select one or more options at a time.

    01:02 Now, you might be thinking: "Liz, that sounds a lot like the current NCLEX multiple response questions or the choose all that apply ones".

    01:10 And, why, yes.

    01:11 I thought it sounded exactly like that too.

    01:13 But these questions have even more options, apparently.

    01:16 And in an attempt to make up for the fact that they are making the hardest questions even harder, the exam decided to give you partial credit for when you get some, but not quite all of the selections correct.

    01:28 Hurray! We will take that small win.

    01:31 Next we have Extended Drag and Drop: Extended Drag and Drop items allow candidates to move or place response options into answer spaces.

    01:42 This is sort of similar to the current NCLEX questions of ordered responses, but with this, not all of the response options may be required to answer the item. There may be more response options than answer spaces.

    01:56 So they're really trying to give you some distractions in there just for fun.

    02:01 Third, we have Cloze questions, also known as drop down questions.

    02:06 These items allow candidates to select one option from a drop down list. And in case that didn't sound like enough fun all on its own, there can be more than one drop down lists in one Cloze question. These drop down lists can be words.

    02:23 They can be phrases within a sentence, part of a table, or even aspects of a chart. The sky is truly the limit here.

    02:31 And let's see what else we have.

    02:33 Enhanced Hot Spot or Highlighting.

    02:36 Enhanced hotspot items allow candidates to select their answer by highlighting predefined words or phrases.

    02:45 Candidates can select and deselect the highlighted parts by clicking on the right words or phrases.

    02:52 These types of items allow the individual to calm their brain by coloring for a moment to de-stress.

    02:58 Just kidding. They don't want you to do that .

    03:00 But they do want you to highlight the informational aspects of medical records, things like labs, medication records and all of that, when you are presented with them.

    03:11 Highlighting the word or the phrase that answers the question that is posed. And finally, we have the new Matrix/Grid questions. Matrix or grid items allow the candidate to select one or more answer options for each row and column.

    03:29 This item type can be useful in measuring multiple aspects within a clinical scenario using one single item.

    03:36 You may have a list of symptoms going down one side, and then you have choose all of these that kind of align with infection, anemia or expected...

    03:45 What would be expected findings or symptoms that might be associated with any of those.

    03:49 This is basically combining a couple select all that apply questions into one mega three-dimensional select all that apply questions.

    03:58 Because why the heck not? And if you are feeling a little bit overwhelmed at this time, me too.

    04:05 And I don't have to take it.

    04:06 But really, you can do this.

    04:08 I promise. Your school will be introducing all of these exam style questions, and very likely you have actually started to see them in your own exams already. Our question bank is rolling out new questions.

    04:21 If we haven't already done that by now is when you're watching this.

    04:25 And your other...

    04:26 All your NCLEX prep courses will be doing this as well.

    04:29 So these will honestly be old news by the time you show up for your exam and the information that you know and you learn, all of the safety stuff, that's not changing. Just the way that the questions are asked.

    04:41 So remember, you can get partial credit now.

    04:43 So that's a huge win.

    04:44 Now that I've gotten you super-duper excited for these questions, let's take a look at how you even apply to take this really exciting NCLEX exam in the first place.

    04:53 I will see you in the next one.

    About the Lecture

    The lecture NCLEX Next Gen (RN) by Elizabeth Russ, FNP is from the course The NCLEX (RN).

    Included Quiz Questions

    1. Extended drag and drop questions are a new type of question added to the NCLEX.
    2. Partial credit will be provided for multiple response questions.
    3. The exam will include cloze or drop-down questions.
    4. The exam will not include cloze questions.
    5. Partial credit will not be provided for multiple response questions.
    1. NCLEX prep courses will include new question formats.
    2. All of the information is the same, but the questions are different.
    3. Student nurses will have plenty of exposure to the new questions by April 2023.
    4. Information is different and will require studying different content.
    5. Prep courses will no longer prepare the student nurse.

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