Miscarriage/Spontaneous Abortion

by Carlo Raj, MD

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    00:01 In this section of female reproductive pathology, we’ll take a look at pregnancy-induced disorders.

    00:06 Let’s begin.

    00:09 It’s important that you know the definition of spontaneous abortion.

    00:14 10 to 15% of recognized pregnancy, that’s a huge number, meaning to say that you want to keep in mind that your female at this point, who’s losing her baby, is psychologically affected – terminate in spontaneous abortion.

    00:29 Even more unrecognized pregnancies end in spontaneous abortion.

    00:33 So it is a big deal.

    00:35 What may then cause this spontaneous abortion? Chromosomal abnormalities, Trauma (over-emphasized) Infections, meaning to say that maybe perhaps there is chorioamnionitis, which has kicked in.

    00:48 Now the trauma, you also want to keep in mind, oftentimes, you’ll have a female pregnant lady come in and she’s ashamed that such an event has taken place at home.

    00:58 So therefore once again, it is psychologically -- that you want to keep in mind as to how you wish to explore your patient.

    01:04 You’ll be getting such patients not only for your boards but on your boards as well, but in all boards, Step 1, Step 2, CK, CS, and Step 3.

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