Microscopic Urinalysis (Nursing)

by Rhonda Lawes

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    00:00 So what is a microscopic analysis and when you do it? Well microscope is just what it means.

    00:08 You're going to look at a urine sample underneath the microscope.

    00:12 Nurses never do this, obviously, these are highly trained people in the lab that do it.

    00:18 Now, you might see on the order microscopic analysis as indicated.

    00:23 That means hey, it's an extra step.

    00:25 And if you don't see anything unusual, there's no need to do it.

    00:29 Here are the examples of when you do do it, if you want to clarify and confirm urine dipstick findings.

    00:35 Remember you're in dipsticks aren't really accurate.

    00:38 So you can't really tell what's going on for sure.

    00:41 You just know things might be a little off.

    00:44 You also might follow up on other abnormal findings.

    00:48 Microscopic analysis is like the Cadillac it's the gold standard.

    00:52 We're going to get really accurate results with this.

    00:56 But it's also expensive compared to the other parts of the test and it's more time-consuming.

    01:02 All right. So we've got a sheet for you right here.

    01:04 I think these are the most important things that you need to know.

    01:08 You've got the test.

    01:10 You've got what's normal, you've got what abnormal findings are and you've got the possible causes.

    01:17 This is a great pocket card for you to keep with you these two slides.

    01:22 It's everything you need to know about urine analysis.

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