Medications That Elevate BUN Level (Nursing)

by Rhonda Lawes

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    00:01 Now take a look at medications.

    00:02 Wow are you starting to get a picture of all that the nurse does at the bedside? Yeah this is within the nurse's scope of practice.

    00:10 This is not what a physician is expected to do, this is what myself as a professional, a team member at the bedside needs to be doing for a patient who has an abnormal level.

    00:21 I'm gonna take a look at the medications list and this is when a PharmD is your best friend because there's lots of drugs that can cause an increased BUN level, might be some of these antibiotics, might be this antifungal.

    00:34 Look at this anti-seizure medication or these diuretics.

    00:38 So keep in mind these medications can falsely elevate creatinine levels so you wanna work, collaborate .

    00:46 That's the collaboration part of it, with the PharmD to see if these medications might be giving us a false negative on your patient's lab work.

    00:54 Now elevated urea can be a sign of impaired kidneys.

    00:57 We've just gone into depth as to why, but what does a low urea indicate? Well here's the good news, low urea levels are not very common and not usually a cause for concern.

    01:10 So be on the lookout for elevated urea levels.

    01:15 Thanks for watching our video today.

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    1. Antibiotics
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