Medication Administration

by Joanna Jackson

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    I'm Joanna, and we're going to talk about medication administration. Medication administration is extremely important. Errors can result in a violation of the patient's privacy, cause serious harm, or even death. I'm going to give you a brief overview about what we'll review today. Key terms, medication safety, documentation, and the nursing process. Here are some key terms that you will see during medication administration. If any of these look unfamiliar to you, write them out, look up the meaning, and practice saying them out loud in front of a mirror or to your friends. It's also really helpful if you visualize yourself as the nurse having these conversations to a patient. In medication administration, it's the nurse's responsibility to understand why the patient needs the medication before giving it. So give the medication as ordered, unless you find an error, you should notify the provider immediately. How the medication works, instructions for the patient, and common side effects. The nurse should always perform three checks, that is checking that is the right medication, the right dose, and the right patient at least three times before administering the medication. Check if it's correct when obtaining the vial, check if it's correct before removing the vial, and check if it's correct before actually giving the medication. When you're performing the three checks, you want to make sure you know the six rights. I call them 6 Rights + Some. Depending on where you work, your organization may add other rights. So we'll review those too. The six rights are the right medication, the right dose, the right client, the right route, the right time, and the right documentation. Those other rights are right education, right evaluation, right assessment, the right to refuse, and that the patient exhibits the right response. Nurses...

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