Mechanism of Spinal Cord Injuries (Nursing)

by Rhonda Lawes, PhD, RN

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    00:00 So let's first look at mechanism of injury.

    00:04 Now we've got different examples of that; flexion, hyperextension, flexion rotation, extension rotation and compression.

    00:14 Now, let me give you a little bit of how that would work. Flexion would be like this, okay? So if you did this in a traumatic way, that's gonna cause some specific injuries.

    00:24 Now if I had flexion and rotation, it's gonna look like this. Okay? So you see what happens to the back of my neck, to my spinal cord.

    00:32 Now an extension injury is this the way.

    00:36 So that's what will cause an extension injury.

    00:39 Now a compression injury is like this.

    00:42 Think of me diving into a river not realizing how shallow it was and the pressure landing right on the top of my head.

    00:49 So, before we go on, you should practice these with your body.

    00:54 Look, you're looking at flexion, flexion and rotation.

    00:58 You also have extension and compression.

    01:03 So, I would encourage you, actually use your body so you’re very clear on what type of injury comes from these. Okay? So practice that motion so you understand when you read, flexion that - what the motion looks like, flexion and rotation, when you have extension or compression.

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    The lecture Mechanism of Spinal Cord Injuries (Nursing) by Rhonda Lawes, PhD, RN is from the course Spinal Cord Injuries and Syndromes (Nursing) .

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    1. Extension-rotation
    2. Flexion-rotation
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    Author of lecture Mechanism of Spinal Cord Injuries (Nursing)

     Rhonda Lawes, PhD, RN

    Rhonda Lawes, PhD, RN

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