Management of Ascites: In a Nutshell (Nursing)

by Rhonda Lawes

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    00:00 So let's wrap up this part of the video series.

    00:04 The five inter professional goals include treating the underlying disorder, controlling sodium, diuretic therapy, remember it's a little unique with ascites, paracentesis, if the diet and diuretics didn't work, and a fluid restriction, as prescribed by the healthcare provider.

    00:24 Now after a paracentesis procedure, make sure you recognize the patient is at an increased risk.

    00:30 For electrolyte imbalances and hypovolemia.

    00:33 So monitor them closely.

    00:36 After the procedure, monitor the patient's vital signs heart rate, blood pressure, and respiratory rate and watch them closely for signs of bleeding, and or leaking fluid.

    00:47 Thank you for watching this video with us.

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