Laparoscopic vs. Open Cholecystectomy (Nursing)

by Rhonda Lawes

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    00:00 Now, take a look at the picture I have for you there.

    00:03 Notice some graphic differences? Right, exactly.

    00:07 The one on the left side is a picture of a laparoscopic procedure.

    00:12 The one on the right side is a little more extreme.

    00:15 We consider this an extreme body makeover because you've got them cranked way open.

    00:21 That's why it's called an open cholecystectomy. Now, imagine you got to choose.

    00:26 Do you want a laparoscopic procedure or do you want an open chole? Well, most people are obviously going to want to choose a laparoscopic procedure.

    00:36 You see, all the good stuff happens underneath the skin.

    00:40 Four very small incisions where the instruments are inserted.

    00:44 The open chole has a much deeper, larger incision right in the abdominal wall, which can make it problematic for patients any time they move and need to use that abdominal wall.

    00:56 So, as a nurse, while you're caring for a patient after a laparoscopic chole or an open chole, I want you to understand what the patient has experienced so you can keep them safe and offer the most effective support.

    01:09 So, either way, that gallbladder is coming out, but it's a radically different experience for your patient, whether they have a laparoscopic procedure or an open cholecystectomy.

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