Is Nursing School Hard? (RN)

by Elizabeth Russ

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    00:01 Okay. So who else had a nursing school orientation where the instructor literally immediately stood at the front and told us how we would all be slowly watching our lives implode over the next few years while we were in nursing school, and that we would, we should probably just sit there and accept all of our fate now, or otherwise we'd be disappointed later.

    00:20 Anyone? It's just me.

    00:22 I didn't think so.

    00:24 Nursing school, I am completely convinced, loves the flex of terrifying students.

    00:30 For some reason, the teachers will literally start telling you it's terrifying from day one. Social media will tell you that it's terrifying far before you even start.

    00:40 And the messaging around nursing school is clear, that this will suck.

    00:44 Nursing school is incredibly hard and friends, yeah, nursing school is definitely hard for sure.

    00:51 But remember what we just talked about? You can do hard things.

    00:56 You have already done hard things and, two, remember that this is tackleable - it's not even a word, well, it is now.

    01:03 This is a tackleable kind of hard because for the most part, what makes nursing school really hard is how ridiculously busy it makes your life.

    01:11 Yes, you have to juggle a lot to learn and there's a lot of information and it is, it's a lot, but it's also just very busy.

    01:20 And you know what busy is? Busy is fixable.

    01:22 For the most part, nursing school concepts themselves are not, like, difficult to comprehend, especially with Lecturio on your side to make concepts approachable and easy to digest.

    01:34 Shameless plug. But, really, with a good teacher, most of nursing school's concepts can be broken down into smaller, easily digestible bits.

    01:42 This isn't, like, I don't know, calculus, which made my brain physically hurt trying to wrap around it. Nursing school is busy hard, and we can handle busy hard.

    01:53 I promise. You can handle busy hard.

    01:55 In the upcoming videos, we will be discussing how to plan your semester, how to plan your classes and your life in a way that will allow you to get the most bang for your buck and for your time.

    02:05 And I'm also going to warn you that I'm going to sound, I'm going to sound like your mom. We're going to embrace it.

    02:10 But because I am a mom, so we're just going to go for it.

    02:13 Okay, got it. Awesome.

    02:14 Let's organize all of that life for you.

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