Introduction to the Section (RN)

by Elizabeth Russ, FNP

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    00:01 Okay, so you've done a bit of research and you've realized that you definitely are interested in becoming a nurse.

    00:07 We should just take a quick moment to have you feel proud of yourself, first of all, for making that decision.

    00:13 Are you having your moment? Are you proud of yourself? Okay, perfect.

    00:16 Let's move on, because what I'm about to say may squash all of that joy that you just felt, but it'll be okay. I promise.

    00:22 We will get through it together.

    00:24 So, my friend, one does not just simply become a nurse.

    00:28 There are different types of nurses you can reach, whatever your nursing goal is approximately a dozen ways.

    00:35 There are so many different degrees.

    00:37 There are so many different letters.

    00:38 And figuring out what type of nurse that you want to be and how you want to become it is going to become your next big challenge.

    00:46 I think you're up for it though.

    00:48 I do have faith in you.

    00:49 It's going to be fine. In this section, we will go over the basics of the nursing profession and the different routes that you can take to get there.

    00:57 That way you can decide what would be the best fit for your expectations and what will go best with your life.

    01:03 You can do this. Please remember that.

    01:05 Let's start with identifying the differences between a degree, a license and a certification.

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