Introduction to a Career in Healthcare (Nursing)

by Amber Vanderburg

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    00:01 Congratulations, you have chosen to embark on a career path that directly impacts people in your community.

    00:09 You have the ability to help and serve your community to live healthier, fuller, and more enjoyable and wholesome lives.

    00:17 You have the ability to save, enrich, and increase overall wellness in people's lives.

    00:24 Congratulations, on deciding to join this honored profession.

    00:30 Now, time for the big question.

    00:33 Where should I begin? My name is Amber Vanderburg, and I'm the founder of the leadership and talent development company, the Pathwayz Group.

    00:42 I've worked with teams and organizations in and outside of the healthcare industry to help improve overall team performance.

    00:50 This includes many years working in healthcare recruitment, and talent acquisition.

    00:56 In this course, I want to share practical tips for your job search.

    01:01 I'll share some questions that you should ask yourself when determining the best place for you to provide patient care.

    01:09 I'll share insights to effective preparation for your application process, from healthcare specific resume creation, interviewing skills, networking in healthcare to negotiations.

    01:21 I'll also give you some insight into ways you can prepare for a successful career in healthcare before you take your boards.

    01:30 I'll examine different externships internships, mentorships, and opportunities for you to prepare before your first day on the job.

    01:40 So, if you are ready to begin preparing for your career in health care, then come on, let's go.

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    Amber Vanderburg

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