Introduction – Personality (PSY)

by Tarry Ahuja, MD

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    00:01 So we’re going to cover five different types of theories used to examine personality.

    00:06 So what is personality? It refers to individual differences in characteristic patterns of thinking (cognition), feeling, which is your emotions, and behaving (behavior).

    00:16 So collectively we put those together and we say that basically shapes your personality.

    00:21 So there are kind of two ways -- two areas of study.

    00:24 One are individual differences and particular personality characteristics, and the other one is understanding how the various parts of a person become a whole and have a more wholistic approach.

    00:34 So, again, we just want to look at either the differences or understand how we can put those differences together to create one personality, two different areas to look at.

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    The lecture Introduction – Personality (PSY) by Tarry Ahuja, MD is from the course Individual Influences on Behavior.

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     Tarry Ahuja, MD

    Tarry Ahuja, MD

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