Interpreting Urinalysis Report (Nursing)

by Prof. Lawes

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    00:00 Hi, welcome to our video series on interpreting lab values. Now, this is part 2 of our case study. We're taking a look at Mrs. Mayer who's a patient with a UTI, and we're going to complete a urinalysis on her. So, in this video, I'm going to walk you through how to interpret that urinalysis report. Now we're going to spend time with each step so you can become proficient at looking at these reports. So remember Mrs. Mayer? You've been caring for her in the urgent care where you work. She came to the urgent care because of her symptoms, painful urination, urgency, and unusual urine. Now, we choose those words, those are medical terms, she described them differently, but they mean the same thing. Now, you followed the urgent care protocol and you sent a clean-catch urine specimen to the lab for a complete urinalysis. So that means you're going to do physical, chemical, and microscopic if needed.

    00:58 Now, her UA report is back from the lab. Alright, are you ready? Let's take a look at it together.

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    The lecture Interpreting Urinalysis Report (Nursing) by Prof. Lawes is from the course Interpretation of Renal Lab Values (Nursing).

    Included Quiz Questions

    1. Collect a midstream urine sample
    2. Draw labs for a CBC panel
    3. Collect a urine sample with an intermittent catheter
    4. Prepare the client for a CT scan of the kidneys

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    Prof. Lawes

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