Intellectual Functioning – Cognition (PSY)

by Tarry Ahuja, MD

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    Now, let’s get into higher level of intellectual functioning. So intelligence is something that is really hard to define. So there are different theories of intelligence. Intelligence may be subjective in nature and is a concept created by humans. So a lot of times we say, “This individual is very intelligent,” or “This individual is not intelligent.” Well, how are we deciding that somebody is more intelligent than the other? Is it in the recall of facts? Is it the ability to problem-solve? How do we define that? So the ability to learn from experience, solve problems, and use knowledge and adapt to new situations, we tend to say is a positive affirmation of intelligence. So, general intelligence is a foundational ability that underlies more specialized abilities. So if you have a base of general intelligence, that means you’re really good at a lot of the basics, but then, you can specialize your intelligence. So, for example, understanding the basics of society, of culture or understanding simple arithmetic. Things like that, reading, writing. That would be general intelligence. But then you go on and you specialize and you write the MCAT and you get into medical school and you specialize in a special area of intelligence now you’re increasing your level of intelligence. So, other theories classify intelligence into two broad categories; we have crystallized intelligence and we have fluid intelligence. Crystallized intelligence is accumulated knowledge of facts. So, like I said, you just keep stacking up knowledge, keep stacking up knowledge. This is somebody who you might say is extremely book-smart. Then, you have fluid intelligence and this is the ability to reason abstractly in novel situations. This is when I want to see how you can implement the knowledge that I’ve been parted through the books. So a...

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    The lecture Intellectual Functioning – Cognition (PSY) by Tarry Ahuja, MD is from the course Making Sense of the Environment.

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    1. Crystallized intelligence
    2. Fluid intelligence
    3. Collective intelligence
    4. Three stratum theory
    5. Multiple intelligence theory
    1. Fluid intelligence
    2. Crystallized intelligence
    3. Multiple intelligence
    4. Collective intelligence
    5. Triarchic theory
    1. More than 1 SD
    2. More than 2 SD
    3. More than 3 SD
    4. More than 0.5 SD
    5. More than 2.5 SD
    1. Birth weight
    2. Genes
    3. Enviornment
    4. Socioeconomic level
    5. Experiences

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     Tarry Ahuja, MD

    Tarry Ahuja, MD

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