Insulin – High-alert Medications (Nursing)

by Rhonda Lawes

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    00:00 Now, insulin. Hey, that's a pretty common one, right? Lots of people are on insulin.

    00:05 Well, in my body, insulin is a hormone that my pancreas should make.

    00:10 If for some reason my body's not making enough insulin or I'm not sensitive to it anymore and I've got to go on insulin that's administered sub-Q, I might get an IV in the hospital, this is a medication that is used to control blood sugar for people who are diabetic.

    00:28 Now, here is the deal.

    00:30 The biggest risk of insulin, we think maybe it's high blood sugar because they're diabetic.

    00:35 No, the biggest risk with insulin is hypoglycemia.

    00:41 So if, for some reason, the patient gets an inappropriate dose of insulin, the wrong kind of insulin, has a different peak onset, duration, whatever the error was, type, amount, dosage, kind, whatever, the biggest risk is hypoglycemia.

    00:59 So the hypoglycemic risk is present with both subcutaneous and IV routes.

    01:05 So any time a patient's on insulin, the biggest risk is hypoglycemia.

    01:11 Even when the dose is appropriate, that's still the biggest risk.

    01:15 So we can't replicate anything as well as our body was intended to function so if the pancreas can't supply what your body needs, we try to do a good job replacing it with medicines but we're never gonna be 100% right.

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