Initial Onboarding Questions (Nursing)

by Amber Vanderburg

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    00:01 When you begin a new position, the team expects you to not know a lot of information.

    00:07 This is a golden time for you to ask a lot of questions.

    00:12 As you are preparing for your job, there is a long and growing checklist of things for you to learn.

    00:19 Here are a few specific types of questions that you should be asking to prepare for success in your role.

    00:27 First, you should be asking questions about logistics.

    00:31 Many times logistics gets overlooked until the first day when you don't know where to park, where to meet, what to wear, what time works starts.

    00:41 Include questions about dress code, shift changes, where to meet on your first day, exchange contact information before your first day in case anything comes up.

    00:52 Ask about scheduling, parking, lunch and first week expectations.

    00:58 More than likely, the first week will be different from your typical schedule, because you will be in orientation.

    01:05 Ask questions about logistics in your pre-onboarding.

    01:10 Also, ask questions about communication expectations.

    01:14 Ask questions in your onboarding process about documentation, communication boards, rounds.

    01:21 Get familiar with the operational expectations of your unit in your pre-onboarding and in the beginning of your onboarding.

    01:31 Lastly, ask questions about your performance expectations.

    01:35 What are your hiring managers expectations for your onboarding process? What about the first year? Are there long term expectations? If you signed a sign on bonus with a 1, 2, 3 or 4-year commitment, there might be a longer term plan for your continuous development.

    01:57 Ask about the performance metrics used to measure nurse success.

    02:02 Ask about continuing education expectations.

    02:05 Ask about the performance expectations of you as a health care practitioner.

    02:11 As stated before, there are a lot of questions and things for you to learn in your new role.

    02:17 Begin by writing down 3-5 questions related to the logistics, communication expectations and performance expectations in your new role.

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    The lecture Initial Onboarding Questions (Nursing) by Amber Vanderburg is from the course Transition to Nursing Practice.

    Included Quiz Questions

    1. Write down the material covered in the orientation.
    2. Ask about the dress code and parking.
    3. Ask about the orientation process and salary.
    4. Ask to shadow the manager of the unit.

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    Amber Vanderburg

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