Influenza Drugs: Oseltamivir – Neuraminidase Inhibitors (Nursing)

by Rhonda Lawes, PhD, RN

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    00:00 So this Tamiflu drug is a lot easier to say than that generic name, but I always want to keep reminding you, the generic name is the one you need to know.

    00:09 Remember it's active against influenza A and influenza B and it can be used for prevention and treatment for patients one year or older.

    00:18 Okay, you don't sound excited enough about this that is super cool that this drug both prevention and treatment because if somebody in your circle develops the flu you're really going to be interested in that prevention or prophylaxis.

    00:35 So let's break this down a little bit more.

    00:37 What are the most common adverse effects? Well, it's a pill.

    00:41 So right off the bat, nausea and vomiting is an issue, right? It could be a problem.

    00:45 So you can take this with food to try to limit that.

    00:49 Some people have really sensitive stomachs.

    00:51 Some people could eat anything and it doesn't bother them so they don't tend to have many problems with medication.

    00:57 But for the rest of us stomach can be pretty sensitive to this medication.

    01:02 Now it's very rare, but some people have had a hypersensitivity reaction something like anaphylaxis or really bad skin reaction doesn't happen very often, But because it's a possibility.

    01:14 We always let patients know that ahead of time.

    01:17 Now some people and I mean rarely to have some neuropsychiatric affects mainly in younger patients.

    01:24 So be aware don't overplay this but just be aware say if you notice any changes or any unusual behaviors, please let us know right away.

    01:33 So we're talking about Tamiflu but it's really got that generic name, we have to be familiar with.

    01:38 Oseltamivir it ends in "VIR".

    01:41 We know the group of drugs that it falls into is the Neuraminidase Inhibitor.

    01:46 We can use it for both prophylaxis or prevention and treatment.

    01:51 So, why do you think I'm taking the time to go over that again? Because none of our brains can just take information rapid fire.

    02:02 All of us even the most brilliant of people and then just us all regular people your brain needs breathing space it needs margin.

    02:13 So as you're watching our videos if it's a concept that you need to review don't feel bad about pausing stopping and reviewing.

    02:21 It is much more important that you know things well, then, you know a whole bunch of information but don't understand how they fit together.

    02:30 So that's our job.

    02:31 We're going to try to help you see how these concepts fit together but sometimes you have to just set the pace for yourself and how quickly on this day.

    02:40 Depending on what else is going on in your world.

    02:42 You can progress through these videos because we really want you to be successful.

    02:47 Okay back to drugs.

    02:49 But remember we always want you to be successful in retaining this information and recalling it for practice and for exams.

    About the Lecture

    The lecture Influenza Drugs: Oseltamivir – Neuraminidase Inhibitors (Nursing) by Rhonda Lawes, PhD, RN is from the course Antiviral Medications (Nursing).

    Included Quiz Questions

    1. Tamiflu is active against most strains of influenza A and influenza B.
    2. Tamiflu can be used for the prevention and treatment of influenza.
    3. Rarely, Tamiflu can cause the adverse effect of changing young clients' behaviors.
    4. Tamiflu should be taken on an empty stomach.
    5. Tamiflu cannot be used in children under seven

    Author of lecture Influenza Drugs: Oseltamivir – Neuraminidase Inhibitors (Nursing)

     Rhonda Lawes, PhD, RN

    Rhonda Lawes, PhD, RN

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