Infertility: In a Nutshell (Nursing)

by Jacquelyn McMillian-Bohler, PhD, CNM

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    00:01 In a nutshell, the inability to conceive after 12 months of unprotected intercourse for clients under the age of 35, or 6 months for clients over the age of 35 is the quintessential definition of infertility.

    00:16 Common factors of female factor infertility include hormonal and ovulatory factors, tubal and peritoneal factors, uterine factors and cervical factors.

    00:28 Common factors of male infertility include structural and hormonal issues and factors that affect the quality of the sperm.

    00:37 Clomiphene citrate and letrozole can be used to induce ovulation.

    00:42 Progesterone can be used to stabilize the endometrium.

    00:46 Nonpharmacologic treatments such as stress reduction, changes in nutrition, weight loss and lifestyle changes can in fact impact fertility.

    00:57 Ectopic pregnancies and multiple gestation are possible complications of infertility treatments.

    01:06 All done.

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    The lecture Infertility: In a Nutshell (Nursing) by Jacquelyn McMillian-Bohler, PhD, CNM is from the course Infertility (Nursing).

    Included Quiz Questions

    1. Progesterone is used to stabilize the endometrium.
    2. Progesterone is used to induce ovulation.
    3. Progesterone is used to increase sperm count.
    4. Progesterone is used to prevent miscarriage.

    Author of lecture Infertility: In a Nutshell (Nursing)

     Jacquelyn McMillian-Bohler, PhD, CNM

    Jacquelyn McMillian-Bohler, PhD, CNM

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