Illness Management

by Diana Shenefield, PhD

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    Welcome! My name is Diana Shenefield, and the lecture that we're going to talk about today, the topic is Illness Management. So what all is encompassed by wellness management? Well, as you can see on the screen that the nurse manages and provides for cares of patients with acute, chronic and life threatening illnesses. We know that. So this is just a kind of an overview of what does that mean. We're also going to talk about when should we be calling the physician. Failure to treat, failure to react is one of the main reasons that we see lawsuits in the United States, and I'm sure in other countries as well. If nurses aren't watching for certain symptoms, certain signs, that are leading up to, dramatic effects or different illnesses. So again, what all do we need to know for illness management? So what are our learning outcomes for this lecture? We're going to evaluate the effectiveness of treatment. Part of our nursing process is to evaluate, and we think that we do a pretty good job of evaluation, but I think we can do a lot better. So don't forget when you're taking NCLEX test that it's not just about assessment and intervention, but that we need to go back and we need to evaluate. Is what we're doing, is the treatment plan effective? If it's not, we need to change, maybe we need to modify, maybe we need to start all over. But again, we can't know that until we evaluate. We need to identify patient data that needs to be reported immediately. That means watching our labs, watching our vital signs, watching signs and symptoms after giving medication. What do I need to react on right away? What patients do I need to go back and...

    About the Lecture

    The lecture Illness Management by Diana Shenefield, PhD is from the course Physiological Integrity. It contains the following chapters:

    • Illness Management
    • Reporting to Physician
    • Patient Education
    • Specific Care

    Included Quiz Questions

    1. Raise the head of the bed
    2. Encourage deep breathing
    3. Notify the practitioner
    4. Administer oxygen
    1. Orthopnea
    2. Productive cough
    3. Sore throat
    4. Eupnea
    1. Report the change to the physician
    2. Continue to assess hourly as ordered
    3. Repeat a neurologic assessment in 15 minutes
    4. Notify the OR of the need for surgery

    Author of lecture Illness Management

     Diana Shenefield, PhD

    Diana Shenefield, PhD

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