Hypertension: Other Causes (Nursing)

by Rhonda Lawes

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    00:00 Now, I want to get back to those of their contributors.

    00:03 I want to talk just a little bit more about them.

    00:06 The certain chronic conditions that we talked about they can increase your risk of high blood pressure.

    00:11 If you wouldn't mind, underlying those for me as you're going through: kidney disease, diabetes, and sleep apnea.

    00:17 A lot of times people don't put it together that these can actually cause hypertension.

    00:22 Another category I wanted to bring your attention was pregnancy.

    00:26 Really watch a pregnant woman's blood pressure closely.

    00:29 They're at risk for preeclampsia.

    00:32 As their blood pressure elevates, sometimes that's a sign that they're heading for seizures.

    00:37 So watch a pregnant woman's blood pressure based on their normal baseline pre-pregnancy and look for any changes during the pregnancy.

    00:46 Now, pediatric patients.

    00:48 Used to be that kids didn't ever have to worry about hypertension.

    00:52 But now for some children, high blood pressure can be caused by kidney or heart problems.

    00:58 We knew that, right.

    00:58 So that makes sense.

    01:00 If they have kidney or heart problems, they can have a risk of hypertension.

    01:04 But the part I really wanted to focus on is the one where you can make the biggest impact.

    01:08 Because we have a growing number of pediatric patients that have hypertension, not because they have a heart or kidney problem, but because of their lifestyle.

    01:18 So they have unhealthy diet, they may have a lack of exercise, they're overweight.

    01:23 These are the types of things that we can help them modify that will put them at a lower risk because man, we do not need children, adding the risk factor of hypertension at an early age.

    01:36 So we've got some drugs here.

    01:38 These are commonly linked to hypertension.

    01:40 I've just got them listed for you.

    01:42 Spend some time reviewing those.

    01:43 We're not going to go over them in detail here.

    01:46 But sometimes we're taking drugs for another problem and they can cause hypertension in your patients.

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