How to Prepare for the NCLEX (RN)

by Elizabeth Russ, FNP

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    00:01 Possibly the most Googled thing about nursing school is how to study for the NCLEX. And there's about a million ways to do that.

    00:08 So many different study products out there, and I'm not going to sit here and pretend that there's just one perfect way that will lead you to the ultimate promise of success. Because there isn't.

    00:19 And really, it all comes down to one thing: practice questions.

    00:23 The NCLEX is absolutely an exam that tries to see how safe of a nurse you will be by asking you questions about the many different topics you learned in school.

    00:32 But it is also just a test.

    00:34 A test that you can learn to take with practice by finding patterns and learning tricks for different questions.

    00:40 So I would suggest some mild review leading up to the point when you get that magical ATT . And then, when you get your ATT and you schedule your exam, kick things into high gear with a study schedule.

    00:52 Plan it out, like, a few hours of studying a day, by topic, or just start with question banks to see what areas you need more help with.

    00:59 But start a schedule, stick to it a few hours a day and you'll you'll be ready before you know it. You can use a study course, you can use a study app or a combination of both. Lecturio does have a question bank to help prepare you for NCLEX and it's a phenomenal resource in general to go back to when other study resources mention a topic that you can't quite remember all the nitty-gritty on.

    01:21 And then you can go back, and you can watch a quick video on it, refresh your mind and go back to all of your study questions.

    01:27 And when you are moving through the questions, don't forget that it's equally as important in this game to read the rationales as it is to actually do the questions.

    01:38 And I want you to read all the rationales.

    01:40 For the ones you got wrong. For the ones you got right.

    01:42 All of them. And when you get a question wrong, I want you to write down that subject that it was asking you about on a piece of paper.

    01:48 Again, this is a cool thing that Lecturio really shines at because you can then go and look at that sheet of paper and find quick synopsis videos of all of those topics you struggled with.

    01:58 And you can just watch a video on them quickly review and kind of wrap up your studying that way.

    02:03 If you were using a review book, do not spend a lot of time on stuff that you already know well. You really just want to focus your time on the things that you cannot explain well to the pet, plant, your wall, your teddy bear, I don't know.

    02:19 Because remember, if you can teach it, you probably already know it pretty well.

    02:23 We want you to go back and target those topics that you fumble through and you can't really recall at all.

    02:29 No matter what study method you choose, if you stick with doing a few hours every day, questions every single day, and you're reading all of the rationales and supporting your learning by focusing on targeted struggles areas, you will be well prepared to take the test on test day, even if you don't feel like it.

    02:47 Speaking of which, ready or not, my pep talk on taking the test is coming at you and it's the worst.

    02:53 Let's check it out.

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    Included Quiz Questions

    1. Set a schedule for studying.
    2. Use question banks.
    3. Read the rationales.
    4. Focus only on answering questions, rather than reading the rationales.
    5. Focus on the topic that you can efficiently explain.

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