Host-vector Systems

by Georgina Cornwall, PhD

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    00:00 So now, let us examine a few different host-vector systems or possibilities. We have seen the vector as the plasmid in this case and we have seen the host as a bacteria itself. We could have E.coli, bacteria as our host organisms. We could also have yeast cells. Sometimes we even have viruses as our hosts for which we put plasmids into. In addition, we might have mammalian tissue culture or cells in culture or we could have insect cells. These are some of the common host models that we have used.

    00:41 Now we need to talk of vectors. Most commonly used we will use plasmids. Plasmids could be taken up bacteria. They could be taken up viruses and they could be taken up by mammalian cells or insect cells. Also, it is a little bit more challenging as we will learn.

    00:57 The other thing that we have started embarking upon is artificial chromosomes. Plasmids are all fine for very small pieces of DNA, but sometimes we are interested in cloning larger pieces of DNA. For example, if we were to sequence the whole genome like the human genome, then we would need a much larger place or having a larger storage area for the genetic information would be highly beneficial. So we have artificial chromosomes. These artificial chromosomes have a site for origin of replication, so on and so forth they have to be functional chromosomes and we have generated some in yeast. The first ones were in yeast, YACs and others are in bacteria, BACs. YACs and BACs. Bacterial artificial chromosomes, yeast artificial chromosomes and we have even started to develop artificial chromosomes for mammalian cells, so linear chromosomes even and there is a little bit of work going on in human artificial chromosomes also.

    02:02 So very exciting room for genetic technologies or biotechnologies.

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    Georgina Cornwall, PhD

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