Home Safety

by Joanna Jackson

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    Hi, I'm Joanna Jackson! I'm a registered nurse, and today, we’re going to talk about home safety. Home safety is really important in nursing. It’s important because nurses go out into the community and are in the home care environment. But also, nurses in hospitals and outpatient centers need to know these concepts in order to provide appropriate patient education. Home care is a challenging environment because the home setting has a variety of variables that are outside of the caregiver’s control. Things like household hazards, access to equipment and supplies, and you have less control of the conditions. It’s important for the nurse to create an environment of safety. The home environment includes all things, both physical and psychosocial that can positively or negatively affect the health, wellness, and safety of both patients and caregivers. These include things like the home temperature, heating and cooling, toxic substances, lead paint, cleaning substances, risk management, seizures, falls, and fire safety, safety equipment and shower chairs, transfer boards and lifts. It’s a nursing priority to protect patients from harm. A big major concept of this is fall precautions. Examine patient’s walking paths, secure cords, loose materials and rugs, encourage the use of handrails, clean spills, and ensure appropriate lighting. Seizure precautions are equally as important. Cushioned floor coverings, leave interior doors unlocked so that you can get in in case of an emergency, remove glass and sharp objects from common areas. And during a seizure, never force anything into the patient’s mouth. Turn the patient on their side to prevent aspiration and place something soft under their head to prevent injury. Home fire safety is really important in this environment. Make sure you understand all the concepts, preventative measures, and what to do in case there is a fire. Check home smoke...

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