Hilum of Lung

by Stuart Enoch, PhD

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    00:01 this. There're other couple of things you need to remember are your lung. In the lung, mainly the hilum.

    00:08 If I ask Johnny to stand up and if you look at the cross-section from this side, if you look at the hilum of the lung, so if Johnny is standing this way, or if I’m standing this way, cross-section of the right lung, and the left lung, there’s a difference.

    00:33 In the right lung, the bronchus is the most superior part, bronchus. Then you have the pulmonary artery and then the pulmonary vein. So that’s the vein, that’s the artery and bronchus. This is asked in the exam, the order of the structures in the hilum; bronchus, artery, and vein. On the left side, it’s artery, bronchus, and vein.

    01:09 That’s one that you need to remember. So, right side is the bronchus, pulmonary artery, pulmonary vein. On the left side, pulmonary artery, bronchus, pulmonary vein. Both the sides, vein is the inferior most structure. The last part is the mediastinum. This is

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    The lecture Hilum of Lung by Stuart Enoch, PhD is from the course Thorax Anatomy.

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     Stuart Enoch, PhD

    Stuart Enoch, PhD

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