High Serum and Low Urine Creatinine (Nursing)

by Prof. Lawes

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    00:00 So what do you think it means if a patient has a high serum creatinine and a low urine creatinine? Okay. Now think that through.

    00:09 We're comparing the venous sample to the urine sample, if the blood sample has high creatinine and the urine has low creatinine.

    00:20 What does that tell us? Right! kidney function.

    00:26 We know creatinine is happening because where does it come from? Well, it comes from my muscles needing energy.

    00:31 And so that's creatinine is that waste products.

    00:34 So it's floating around in my bloodstream.

    00:36 It delivers it.

    00:37 Remember at the beginning when we followed the blood supply it delivers it to the kidney to be filtered.

    00:43 So if the kidneys filtered it means it hits that glomerulus that tangle of capillaries and those tubules and it should tell the body, Hey this needs to leave in urine.

    00:53 So if it's high in my blood goes down to my kidneys and it doesn't make it into the urine the kidneys weren't able to filter that from the blood and put it into your urine.

    01:04 We've likely got a kidney problem.

    01:06 Might be an acute problem might be a chronic problem, but we definitely have a problem that needs to be followed up.

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    The lecture High Serum and Low Urine Creatinine (Nursing) by Prof. Lawes is from the course Serum Creatinine – Renal Assessment (Nursing).

    Included Quiz Questions

    1. Creatinine levels are high in the blood and low in the urine
    2. Creatinine levels are high in the urine and low in the blood
    3. Creatinine levels in the blood and urine are equal
    4. Creatinine levels are low in the blood and the urine

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