Hemophilia: In a Nutshell (Pediatric Nursing)

by Paula Ruedebusch

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    00:00 So in a nutshell, hemophilia is a rare disorder in which the blood doesn't clot normally because it lacks sufficient blood clotting proteins - these are the clotting factors.

    00:10 Hemophilia A has a defect with Factor VIII and hemophilia B has a defect with factor IX.

    00:17 There are acquired and genetic forms of hemophilia Genetic hemophilia is an X-linked recessive disorder.

    00:24 We want to monitor the patient's clotting times with lab work.

    00:28 You also want to monitor for complications including internal and external bleeding.

    00:33 Bleeding can go into the joints and this can cause permanent joint destruction.

    00:38 The pateint can have bleeding into the brain and this can be life-threatening.

    00:42 Management includes the patients receiving clotting factors.

    00:47 Thank you for watching this lecture on hemophilia.

    About the Lecture

    The lecture Hemophilia: In a Nutshell (Pediatric Nursing) by Paula Ruedebusch is from the course Blood Disorders – Pediatric Nursing.

    Included Quiz Questions

    1. A lack of blood clotting proteins Factor VIII or IX
    2. Abnormal bone marrow function
    3. An autoimmune system attack on red blood cells
    4. The inability to absorb iron adequately

    Author of lecture Hemophilia: In a Nutshell (Pediatric Nursing)

     Paula Ruedebusch

    Paula Ruedebusch

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