Grief and Loss: In a Nutshell (Nursing)

by Samantha Rhea, MSN, RN

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    00:01 Now, to wrap up, when we're talking about grief and loss.

    00:04 This is a really difficult topic, but today, I hope you got a little baseline understanding of some things to consider about this topic.

    00:12 Now, loss can be defined by actual loss, or something that just the individual perceives as a loss.

    00:19 Now, as you remember, there's those five stages of dying or grief.

    00:24 Those include that denial stage, anger, bargaining, then depression, and eventually acceptance.

    00:32 And if you recall, the timeline of these stages can vary greatly between each individual.

    00:38 And grief and loss are complex emotions, with many influences that shape each individual experience.

    00:46 And now lastly, nurses need to understand their own personal feelings about grief and loss, because that's important in providing competent, caring, and professional care.

    00:58 Thank you for watching.

    About the Lecture

    The lecture Grief and Loss: In a Nutshell (Nursing) by Samantha Rhea, MSN, RN is from the course Nursing Across the Life Span.

    Included Quiz Questions

    1. The Registered Nurse should understand their own feelings regarding grief and loss, recognize their own biases and ensure these biases do not affect the therapeutic relationship with the patient.
    2. Ensure they have the Pastor's number handy to provide to the people who are experiencing grief
    3. The Registered Nurse should print off pamphlets and documents about grief.
    4. The Registered Nurse should remember a time they were grieving so they can get on the same emotional level as the person who is grieving.

    Author of lecture Grief and Loss: In a Nutshell (Nursing)

     Samantha Rhea, MSN, RN

    Samantha Rhea, MSN, RN

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