Getting Mandated and Floated (RN)

by Elizabeth Russ

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    00:02 Being mandated or floated.

    00:05 This section is in here because I literally had no idea that these things could happen until they happened to me. And I was like, What? And I cried. Which that's not going to surprise you.

    00:13 As we continue through this, I tend to cry a lot.

    00:15 So in some jobs, not all, you can be mandated.

    00:20 And what that basically means is they don't have enough staff for the next shift, and they can literally make you stay over, usually for like 4 hours.

    00:29 Technically, they say that you can't be mandated in, or they say that you have to be mandated in if they call you in.

    00:36 But just don't answer your phone, friends.

    00:38 Just pro tip there.

    00:39 And when you get mandated, it can be at the end of a 12.

    00:42 So, think you just spent 12 and a half hour shift that is now going to become a 16 and a half hour shift.

    00:47 It's not fun. And hopefully this doesn't happen often on a well managed and staffed unit. And most places have caps for how many times you can be mandated during a certain like pay period.

    00:57 But just be aware that if you work inpatient this is a thing, and it's not fun.

    01:04 Ask about it honestly in your interviews and if they get mad about it in the interview, it probably means that it is a problem on their unit, making it a touchy spot and I would maybe just avoid that job.

    01:14 Now being floated is when your unit is on has a low level of patients, has a low census as they'll call it, and other units, they don't have that problem.

    01:23 They need your help. So you will go into work, and it will be like, Hey, we don't need you here. Go to this other unit instead.

    01:29 And it's just, it's disorienting, but it's honestly, it's not the end of the world, but it just kind of it's shocking if you're a creature of habit like me, and you are not used to the routine, and you didn't even know that this could happen to you.

    01:42 Enough of that section.

    01:44 Let's move on to our next module where we discuss one of the questions I get asked the most, which is, is this a good career for my family? Will this be a good fit? What are your thoughts? Let's go.

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