Front Stage vs. Back Stage Self – Self-Presentation and Interacting With Others (SOC)

by Tarry Ahuja, PhD

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    00:00 Now, there is an idea of something called Dramaturgical Perspective.

    00:07 And that is a fancy way of saying that we have a different mask that we wear.

    00:12 That’s the name drama. We are thinking of a play or show.

    00:16 And you have this roles you have this mask that you put on depending on, Who you are interacting with? Where you are interacting with? And what the context is? So we say this perspective suggest we imagine ourselves as playing certain roles when interacting with others.

    00:30 I think this isn’t a far reach this is pretty easy to grasp.

    00:34 and that you ask a certain way when you talk to a certain individuals.

    00:39 Whether it’s a work place, whether it’s your parents, whether it’s your friends and this aligns the very similarly to a concept that we talk about the for called your different selves right.

    00:47 So there is your working self, there is your family self and you have this different self-schema as perception of yourself.

    00:52 and you’ve act differently. We all know that.

    00:54 you act different when you are sitting with your mom, and when you are with your boss, and with your friends, right.

    00:59 So identities are not stable but they instead are dynamic.

    01:02 We can adapt base on our interaction.

    01:04 Now, we have two broad categories that we created here that where we can divide our interactions.

    01:10 The first is the Front stage.

    01:11 It is where we play a role and use impressions to manage our self.

    01:14 So again, right now, I’m in front of the camera talking to you.

    01:19 And I have my terry presenter role on. And I’m pretending I’m knowing what I am talking about.

    01:25 I am trying to be engaging. We are having a conversation. We are fairly, kindly.

    01:31 but the same time with a certain level of professionalism.

    01:33 Now, back stage is when, I’m in the green room and I have my pants off.

    01:40 I mean I have a big bag of chips and drinking beer, and I am swearing, and I am acting like my usual self.

    01:44 So we let our guard down. You can be yourself.

    01:46 And this is the kind if usually the self that you could be with your best friends.

    01:50 Or with your wife, or husband, or boyfriend / girlfriend, your parents, your brother, your sister.

    01:55 This is the – I don’t want to see your real self but it’s a self where your back stage.

    01:59 And you know the show is over. You have taken off your mask.

    02:02 And you’ve taken off your robes and you just being yourself.

    02:06 So front stage, back stage.

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    The lecture Front Stage vs. Back Stage Self – Self-Presentation and Interacting With Others (SOC) by Tarry Ahuja, PhD is from the course Social Interactions.

    Included Quiz Questions

    1. Dramaturgical perspective
    2. Public persona
    3. Self perspective
    4. Superego
    5. Mask theory
    1. Having a girls' night at home with your 2 best friends
    2. Being at a job interview
    3. Attending a conference as a moderator
    4. Going to a picnic or party with your manager
    5. Studying for a final exam with a secondary group

    Author of lecture Front Stage vs. Back Stage Self – Self-Presentation and Interacting With Others (SOC)

     Tarry Ahuja, PhD

    Tarry Ahuja, PhD

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