Finger-stick Blood Glucose Test: Special Considerations (Nursing)

by Samantha Rhea, MSN, RN

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    00:04 Let's visit some special considerations when we're talking about obtaining a blood glucose.

    00:10 So there's something we call control tests.

    00:13 Now these need to be completed at least every 24 hours for your meter to work properly.

    00:19 Also, anytime that you open up a test strip bottle, we need to make sure we place our initial when we open it and the date of expiration because these test strips can expire.

    00:31 Also, if we end up opening up any control vials as well to run our tests, we need to date those as well.

    00:39 Just know that test strips usually expire between about 6 months from opening and those control vials will expire about 3 months from opening.

    00:48 We of course, want to make sure we are not using expired equipment because this can skew our results.

    00:54 Now, if you're talking about using a blood glucose meter, especially when we're talking about the acute care facilities, you're typically going to have to use this meter on multiple patients.

    01:05 So it's important that we can clean this between use.

    01:08 Now some patients that require a blood glucose may be in isolation precautions.

    01:14 So follow your facilities' policy on how you are to do that to make sure we don't spread infection.

    01:21 So this could be that we place the meter in a bag for example, while we take it in that patient's room, and disinfect properly.

    01:30 Now supplies can be stored in a common area and used for all clients, kind of like we talked about for the meter.

    01:36 However, once you enter into a patient's room, please only bring the supplies necessary for that particular client.

    01:44 Because once we bring strips or extra lancets in the room, it can only be used for that client and we don't want to waste extra supplies.

    01:53 Thanks for watching today.

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