Final Remarks on Communication in Healthcare (Nursing)

by Amber Vanderburg

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    00:00 If you have made it to this point, congratulations.

    00:05 You have gained tools to improve your communication within your team, patient experiences, leadership encounters, and interdisciplinary exchanges.

    00:16 The learning does not end here.

    00:20 I encourage you to take these tools and apply them in your workplace today.

    00:26 When I was in school, I took French classes every year and to this day after all of those hours in the classroom, I do not speak French.

    00:37 Do you know why? Because I did not practice.

    00:41 You have taken the time to go through these sessions, gained some tools, and hear insights on communication.

    00:49 If you do not practice these lessons in your workplace, then these lessons will not be effective.

    00:57 Take these tools and begin having refined communication in your team today.

    01:05 Use these tools to clarify performance expectations.

    01:10 Give and receive effective performance feedback. Confront challenging situations.

    01:16 And create a positive environment for your team to perform with confidence, clarity, and excellence.

    01:25 Lastly, I'd love to be a continued resource for you.

    01:29 Please feel free to reach out for any questions or conversations for team communication at Amber Vanderburg on LinkedIn or

    01:42 It has been a joy and pleasure spending this time with you.

    01:47 Now, take these tools to continue your journey in the healthcare community to make an impact and change your world.

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