Factors that Influence Motivation – Motivation (PSY)

by Tarry Ahuja, MD

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    Okay. Let’s get into motivation. What motivates you? What makes you do the things that you do? So let’s, right off the top, take a look at a couple of things that could potentially motivate you. The first is instincts. So these are things that you do, behaviors that are innate are things that are not learned, and these are present across all the individuals within a species. So let’s look at something simple like humans, you know, what are some of the things that all humans do regardless of where they’re from, what culture they belong to So these are innate behaviors and it represents a contribution of genetic info, which predisposes species to a particular behavior. So in English, what we’re saying here is all individuals that belong to that species are predisposed to doing that thing. So some examples, in young babies they come out and when they enter the world, one of the first things they do is the sucking behavior, whether it’s their thumb or their mom’s breast or a bottle, that’s one of the behaviors that they automatically do. That’s not something they’re taught, they just know how to do it. And the kangaroos, the baby is going into the little pouch, the kangaroo pouch. So again, the mother is not telling the baby kangaroo to get into my pouch, it just knows to do that. Imprinting in chicks, the little baby chicks that follow the mother, they just know how to do these things. So these would be examples of innate behaviors. Now, a lot of the things that we do, the things that motivate us are linked around levels of arousal. So what am I talking about there? So arousal, again, does not refer to the usual term arousal feeling sexually aroused,...

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    The lecture Factors that Influence Motivation – Motivation (PSY) by Tarry Ahuja, MD is from the course Individual Influences on Behavior.

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     Tarry Ahuja, MD

    Tarry Ahuja, MD

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