Extracellular Matrix (Nursing)

by Jasmine Clark

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    00:00 So outside of the cells, we have our extracellular matrix. There are 2 major components to this extracellular matrix. You have the fibers in the extracellular matrix as well as the ground substance. So first let's discuss the ground substance or the stuff that's on the outside. The ground substance is going to surround both the cells and the fibers of the connective tissue and can be different consistencies including fluid, semi-fluid, gelatinous, or calcified. So pay attention to the different types of ground substances that are found in the different tissues as we go forward. So speaking of fibers, there are lots of different fibers that are found in the different types of connective tissue. We have collagen fibers, which are made up of bundles of collagen protein which are extremely strong and resistant to pulling. Then we have elastic fibers which are made up of a different type of protein called elastin. Elastic fibers are very strong, but they also have the ability to be stretched and to return to their original shape, which is known as elasticity, kind of like a rubber band. And finally, we have reticular fibers. Like collagen fibers, reticular fibers are also made up of collagen but it's not bundled in the same way and the fibers are much thinner than what you find in a collagen fiber.

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    1. Fibers and ground substance
    2. Fibers and adipocytes
    3. Areolar cells and ground substance
    4. Adipocytes and areolar cells

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