Ergonomic Principles

by Jessica Spellman

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    Hi! My name is Jessica Spellman. I’m going to be reviewing the principles of ergonomics. In this course, you’re going to be learning about the concepts of ergonomics and how it promotes a safe and healthy work environment. You’re going to learn to implement proper body mechanics in order to prevent injuries to yourself and your patients. You’re also going to learn about some assistive equipment that you can use that could help prevent injury. Ergonomics is a scientific study of people at work. The goal is to help reduce stress and injuries in the workplace. This is accomplished by designing tasks and workspaces that promote comfort, safety, increased use, and efficiency while performing tasks. So, the definition of proper body mechanics is the use of muscles and body position to limit injury while performing a task. This includes using your balance, your posture, and body alignment in order to prevent injury. Nurses use a lot of different body mechanics when caring for patients, including bending, lifting, and performing ADLs. Nurses do need educated on this information and need to practice it in clinical in order to be efficient at using it. We want to correct incorrect behaviors and move to using ADL body mechanics. Risk of injury to nurses and the client is decreased when proper body mechanics is used. So the incidents of workplace injuries is very high. In fact, healthcare workers have a high rate of muscular skeletal injury when caring for patients more so than in construction mining and manufacturing. This is mostly due to the repetition of tasks, including the heavy manual lifting, transferring, and repositioning of clients. The problem is compounded due to the increasing weight of our patient populations, and the amount of help patients need with ADLs. In 2008, the Centers for...

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    The lecture Ergonomic Principles by Jessica Spellman is from the course Safe and Effective Care Environment. It contains the following chapters:

    • Principles of Ergonomics
    • Scope of the problem
    • Center of gravity math
    • Pushing/Pulling
    • Ergonomics for clients

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     Jessica Spellman

    Jessica Spellman

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