Epithelium: Introduction

by Geoffrey Meyer, PhD

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    About the Lecture

    The lecture Epithelium: Introduction by Geoffrey Meyer, PhD is from the course Connective Tissue.

    Included Quiz Questions

    1. They are anchored to underlying connective tissue by the lamina propria.
    2. They have a surface adjacent to a lumen or free space.
    3. They are held together by junctional complexes.
    4. They all have an apical segment (an "apex").
    5. They all have a lateral border.
    1. Junctional complexes.
    2. Basement membrane.
    3. Connective tissue.
    4. Collagen.
    5. Fibroblasts.
    1. Collagen.
    2. Epithelium.
    3. Muscle.
    4. Bone.
    5. Cartilage.

    Author of lecture Epithelium: Introduction

     Geoffrey Meyer, PhD

    Geoffrey Meyer, PhD

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    Introduction to study of tissues
    By Neuer N. on 07. November 2017 for Epithelium: Introduction

    professor lectures factual information relevant to epithelium in a simplified way