Emergency Response Plan

by Diana Shenefield, PhD

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    Welcome! This lecture is going to be on emergency response plans, and it falls under the safe and effective care of environment safety and infection control under the NCLEX headings. My name is Diana Shenefield. When we talk about emergency response plans, all healthcare facilities are required to have a plan for emergency response. So, we’re going to just review some of those today. What are our learning outcomes? We’re going to understand your role as the nurse in emergency response plans. We’re going to understand the color-coded disaster triage. So, if you’ve forgotten what those colors are, we’re going to review those. And we’re going to understand the steps involved in fire safety. We know as nurses, fire safety is a big role that we play in the emergency response plan. It’s something that you’ll memorize. We don’t memorize a lot. But you need to make sure you’ve memorized the fire safety facility-wide policies. But again, what do I need to do as a nurse by keeping my patients safe? So, let’s start off with a question. Following a major earthquake, patients begin to arrive in the emergency room. Using the disaster triage system, which patient should be treated first? So, we’re talking about the patients are coming into the emergency room and you’re the emergency room nurse, and you have these four patients that are coming in. So using the triage system, which patient are you going to see first? We have A, a patient with an open pneumothorax and severe dyspnea. B, patient with a major head trauma, pupils are fixed and dilated. C, patient with a closed fracture of the femur. D, patient with multiple abrasions and contusions. So if you picture an earthquake and what all kinds of things happen to our patients, and think...

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    The lecture Emergency Response Plan by Diana Shenefield, PhD is from the course Safe and Effective Care Environment. It contains the following chapters:

    • Introduction the Emergency Response Plan
    • Triage
    • Fire Safety

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     Diana Shenefield, PhD

    Diana Shenefield, PhD

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    Emergency Response Plan
    By sharon s. on 07. April 2017 for Emergency Response Plan

    It was easy to understand and to relate to real life expectations.