11AM-12.30 PM: Bedside Charting, Reprioritization Throughout the Day and Lunch (Nursing)

by Samantha Rhea

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    00:01 So if we do this, this is going to save time, it's also going to allow for immediate follow up if we need it.

    00:08 Also there, if you're documenting, you can go ahead and look in the computer and see, is this different from previous findings or not? And also, you can talk to your patient while documenting, we can make sure to involve them in our care and we have that chart handy.

    00:22 And again, it's just spending time in the room on a very busy shift with your patient.

    00:29 So guys, we're just at 11 o'clock here right before lunch.

    00:32 Just know it's been a busy day we've given meds, we have a lot of things happen.

    00:37 This is very important to know you may have to stop and re-prioritize your day.

    00:43 Well, why does this occur? When brand new orders can pop up, your patient's needs may pop up, someone may have a critical lab, there may be a safety issue, maybe the patient's condition gets worse.

    00:55 Just know you will have to be flexible and adaptable and re-prioritize throughout your day.

    01:02 Okay, guys, we made it to lunch.

    01:04 This may be a novel thought to you as a nurse, but this is actually really important.

    01:08 It's important to take care of yourself.

    01:11 So having breaks and uninterrupted lunchtimes, that's really important in maintaining your stamina on the shift and your health.

    01:19 Also, there's a lot of research that says, hey, if a nurse has a break, they're able to be relieved a patient care duties, they're actually going to make fewer patient errors.

    01:30 And make sure this is an extremely important point.

    01:35 When you go to lunch, you have to ensure that someone is monitoring your patients.

    01:40 This has to do with a safety piece of your patients.

    01:43 And if no one is monitoring your patients when you're on lunch, there can be adverse reactions that can occur or an adverse event.

    01:50 So you need to ensure that you know exactly who is watching your patients.

    01:55 And I also encourage you to make sure the charge nurse knows this as well.

    About the Lecture

    The lecture 11AM-12.30 PM: Bedside Charting, Reprioritization Throughout the Day and Lunch (Nursing) by Samantha Rhea is from the course How to Organize a Nursing Shift.

    Included Quiz Questions

    1. “I don’t need to take a lunch break today.”
    2. “I had to readjust my schedule this morning due to Mr. Smith’s high potassium level.”
    3. “I don’t think I will have time to transfer Mrs. Jones to her chair in time for her occupational therapy appointment. I will ask a nursing assistant personnel if they can assist her instead.”
    4. “I will ask another registered nurse to monitor Mr. Smith while I’m on lunch.”

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