Disease Criteria – Overview of Vascular Diseases

by Joseph Alpert, MD

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    00:01 people exert themselves. But their artery is narrowed by atherosclerosis.

    00:01 We will, as we go through the advanced course, cover each of these areas. We’ll talk about the definitions, the etiology – or the causes of these diseases – the epidemiology – that is how common they are. As I mentioned before, ischemic heart disease, atherosclerotic heart disease is the commonest cause of death in the world. But then there are some very rare diseases, like certain vascular malformations – where children are born with these – or such as lymphatic disease. We’ll talk about the prognosis – in other words, what’s the outlook? What’s the short-term and long-term outlook? Pathogenesis tells you what is going to be the abnormal pathology that goes with this particular illness. We’ve already talked about diagnosis, symptoms and the history, therapy – both surgical, medical or catheter. And then finally, how can one prevent the development of these diseases.

    00:59 So each of the advanced lectures is going to cover each of the topics that you see right here. These are all of the vascular diseases that will be covered in the advanced part

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    The lecture Disease Criteria – Overview of Vascular Diseases by Joseph Alpert, MD is from the course Introduction to the Vascular System.

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    Joseph Alpert, MD

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