Cultural Values and Preferences

by Angela Richard-Eaglin, DNP, FNP-BC, CNE, FAANP

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    00:06 And now I want to shift a little bit and talk about those cultural values preferences and how they contribute to organizational wellness.

    00:13 So just remember, we work in teams.

    00:15 I've mentioned that.

    00:16 So no one person can take care of patient, no one person can change policies.

    00:22 So think about organizational wellness as being just as important as it is to have those interpersonal relationships.

    00:31 So what are cultural values? Their personal preferences, as I said, are individual cultural value orientations.

    00:39 And being aware of those is the first step in terms of CQ advancing net and what your biases might be, and how those might impact, how you interact with people from other cultures.

    00:53 And I just mentioned that, it influences interactions, it also influences how we communicate with people, because what means something to me, based on my cultural background may mean something different to someone else.

    01:06 So I need to be aware of that.

    01:08 And we'll talk about the importance of communication and making sure that it's explicit and clear.

    01:14 Cultural values preferences also influence the way we plan things, the way we run our days, the way we plan our professional lives, our personal lives.

    01:24 And not only how we plan those, but how do we execute the tasks to get those plans or goals accomplished.

    01:31 One of the main things to keep in mind when we talk about cultural values is that cultural differences such as some of those extrinsic factors and features nationality, age, race, gender, gender identity, are less important than different values and perspectives.

    01:49 Why? Because they may or may not reflect your culture, we can be from different cultures and still share the same cultural values.

    01:58 Then there is such a thing for people who want to look into this further as cultural values assessments, but those don't have intrinsic meaning.

    02:06 The reason for that is because all of this stuff is contextual.

    02:10 So none of us stay in one space or the other.

    02:13 It depends on the context of the situation.

    02:16 So it's never going to be I'm always in this one spot on a continuum.

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    The lecture Cultural Values and Preferences by Angela Richard-Eaglin, DNP, FNP-BC, CNE, FAANP is from the course Introduction to DEIB.

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     Angela Richard-Eaglin, DNP, FNP-BC, CNE, FAANP

    Angela Richard-Eaglin, DNP, FNP-BC, CNE, FAANP

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