Cultural Diffusion – Culture (SOC)

by Tarry Ahuja, PhD

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    00:00 Culture Diffusion is the phenomenon of culture spreading across out a region, a country or the globe.

    00:05 And we’re seeing that again today in our global village is where at the point in our time where it’s so easy to go almost anywhere on this planet.

    00:16 And you bring with you your culture values and beliefs.

    00:19 And if you go backpacking somewhere or if you’re traveling for business and you engage with somebody, you tell them, “Oh, where I’m from – this is how we do this or they see how you’re dress and they see what you’re doing in the way you eat and the way you cook.” And that is then spread out across the globe. They slowly embrace bits and pieces of your culture. And we see it spreading across the globe.

    00:39 So this can occur at individual level at the societal level and include things like religion, technology, styles language.

    00:47 How many times have you seen certain cultures on the other side of the globe emulating and copy something you’ve seen on the complete opposite side of the pole on the globe.

    00:57 So for example, you see I’m generalizing here but you see in North America, them embracing certain eastern styles or a certain ways of approaching say even medicine and doing things like herbal medicine.

    01:13 Whereas, in the other side of the globe on the eastern actually embracing more of the western philosophies.

    01:17 you know wearing baseball caps and jerseys and practicing more of the western medicine.

    01:23 So this cross pollination of cultures is happening at the individual and at the societal level for all of these different factors.

    01:32 Now, in here some other examples actually.

    01:36 We have things like the use of chopsticks. So chopsticks obviously do not originate from on the western side of the globe.

    01:44 They come from the east yet you can go pretty much anywhere in the globe now and find a Asian restaurant that has chopsticks.

    01:50 Things like fashion trends that I’ve already mentioned but things like yoga.

    01:54 Again, has really inputted and resonated until the point where now as much in North America yoga is one of the growing largest growing areas of physical activity to point where it’s created its own subculture.

    02:05 Every… in my city in town almost every woman has wearing yoga pants all the time.

    02:11 And there's yoga studio popping up all over the place thing that weren’t there before.

    02:15 And this is a fantastic example of how culture can be spread or diffused across the globe And get embraced by another and get assimilated by another.

    02:25 And it becomes now a part of that actual culture.

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    The lecture Cultural Diffusion – Culture (SOC) by Tarry Ahuja, PhD is from the course Understanding Social Structure.

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    1. Cultural diffusion
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    1. Women getting henna tattoos in Canada
    2. Women in Japan wearing kimonos
    3. Men in Scotland wearing kilts
    4. Physicians in China using herbal remedies
    5. People in Egypt wearing loose garments

    Author of lecture Cultural Diffusion – Culture (SOC)

     Tarry Ahuja, PhD

    Tarry Ahuja, PhD

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