Cultural Bias and Influences

by Angela Richard-Eaglin, DNP, FNP-BC, CNE, FAANP

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    00:06 One of my take home definitions to that kind of incorporates all the things I just talked about is that it's the collective programming of the minds that distinguishes the members of one group or category of people from others.

    00:20 And that comes from Hofstede .

    00:23 And if we think about that, think about it first, if it makes most sense to think about it in terms of, how are physicians and nurses different? How are LP is different from RNs? But just because we're different, no one is elite or above the other.

    00:38 We all have equal value.

    00:41 So when we think about culture again, I'm driving these points home.

    00:45 Culture begins with beliefs, and finds expression in behaviors.

    00:49 And I want to sit with that for a moment.

    00:52 Culture begins with beliefs.

    00:54 Remember that not only culture, but it also shapes how we think about people, right? Because of our culture, we believe certain things.

    01:01 And when I talk about bias and how it's expressed.

    01:05 So we could talk about the bias, were placed the word culture and bias is going to be there.

    01:13 But it finds expression in our behavior.

    01:15 So we need to think about that, and what would be the outcome of those behaviors.

    01:20 I mentioned earlier about cultural influences.

    01:23 There are so many things that shape who we become.

    01:27 And it starts with our families, right? When once we're born, we have all these family members around us.

    01:33 And that's not homogenous either, right? Because I might have five siblings, but we're unique individuals.

    01:40 And because we may be different ages, we have different exposures, different beliefs.

    01:45 We're, we all born with a certain personality, which is enhanced by all the other exposures we get.

    01:51 So family is the first and usually the last thing impression and influence on us.

    01:57 But so many other things, geography, so where we live, languages in our midst, ethnicity, communication.

    02:06 Communication is really important, because that's also one of those things that shaped by our culture, and also determines those cultural values preferences we're going to talk about again.

    02:17 The media shapes.

    02:19 Who we are? Who we become? What we believe? Teachers, rituals, roles, our friends.

    02:27 Let's see. Social circles.

    02:29 So, my friends and I might have these certain things we have in common.

    02:33 But if I hang out with my sisters, there's gonna be something difference, different rather.

    02:38 and I'm that exposure is going to impact me in some way.

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    Angela Richard-Eaglin, DNP, FNP-BC, CNE, FAANP

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