Course Overview: NCLEX-RN Review Course (Nursing)

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    00:06 Do you know that personal concepts of death change several times during mental development? And do you know that despite of physical and psychological needs, nurses also have to take care about the culture and religious needs of the patient? After passing the scores, you will be able to interact and take care of patients correctly, as well as to use medical equipments safely. All professionals will guide you through all important topics of the NCLEX exam. There are many years of work experience as registered nurses, clinical managers, or teachers in medical education is an authorized qualification to train your knowledge step by step, ensuring that you will pass the exam. Within this course, you will gain all essential knowledge of the typical NCLEX units, safe and effective care, management of care, health promotion and maintenance, physiological and psychosocial integrity. Your success will be supported by Lecturio’s adaptive learning platform. Learn wherever and whenever you want with Lecturio’s mobile apps. Materials for download and additional questions will help you to consolidate your learning progress. If you want to complete the full preparation and be successful in the NCLEX-RN exam, join this course now.

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